Boda Skins

This month I was delighted to work again with luxury leather label Boda Skins and see how much the brand had grown and matured over a short space of time.  Their classic takes on a wardrobe staple are designed in Manchester and traditionally crafted in the hills of Turkey , so it was fitting that we shot the campaign images under Manchester's characteristically grey light...

Some behind the scenes images just beg to be shared

Some behind the scenes images just beg to be shared

We worked with two great Manchester models, Charley Rose at Nemesis and Kattreya at Next plus the charming US men's fashion blogger & creative director Adam Gallagher. Hair and makeup was taken care of by the fabulous Paula Maxwell. Here's a small selection of photographs from the day...

Model Agency Tests

There's two types of tests. The one where a model turns up hoping to hell that the photographer/MUA/stylist has some clue and doesn't completely waste their day (or days) with some half-baked 'concept' shoot, and the ones where they turn up with cash in their hands in return for some images that will freshen up their agency page. I haven't had time for the former this year - but love doing the latter.

Yesterday, Colours Agency in Glasgow sent down three not-so-wee laddies and a wee lassie to refresh their books. Manchester - as usual - gave us various shades of grey. These are some of my favourites from the day...big thanks to the models for making it painless, and especially to Jade as it was her first proper test & she did great.

Models: Jak, Jason, Jordan & Jade at Colours

Then, because it had been a fairly quiet day, we took a few frames of one of Colour's other models...more to come of these when I get chance...

Ksenija Selivanova by Jay Mawson

On Frames

The following post might be achingly obvious to anyone who's walked an 'artistic' road through life. I'm a little lacking in the Fine Art History stakes. I know Van Gogh hacked an ear off and that a Picasso is a French car for people that don't like driving. And that's about it

I'm rarely completely satisfied with my own images. Most photographers I know feel the same about their own shots. Other people's frames are infinitely more enjoyable than your own.

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