Redken Symposium 2014

I recently had backstage access to Lisa Shepherd's team at the Redken Symposium 2014 at Olympia. It's a while since I've shot a show - or even been near one of that scale - so took the opportunity to grab some candid shots of Lisa and her team of stylists, colourists, makeup artists and models...

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Best Camera Ever?

…or cynical title to encourage click throughs?

I'm not particularly into gear. I need it, I buy it, it gets serviced, it reaches the end of its natural life, I buy something else. Repeat. But this post is about gear. Probably only of interest to photographers. You have been warned. Just skip to the photos.

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Alternative to LOVE

Back in January of this year LOVE magazine published a striking cover of Kate Moss half submerged in a bath shot by Mert & Marcus. For the rest of the year the image appeared on countless mood boards and endless variants of the shot littered Instagram & Facebook with varying degrees of success. It was just one of those images. I guess now any shot in a bath will be compared to that pretty iconic set (not forgetting Cara's alternative cover on the gatefold and um, some actress too). Much the same way nobody can ever put a girl on a tennis court scratching her ass again...

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