Editorial Fashion Photography - Manchester

Recently I've been more and more seduced by everything late 70s/early 80s. Beautiful warm colours, soft edges...I don't know, blame Instagram.

A pile of Cokin filters

A pile of Cokin filters

It's something I don't think you can produce in post. Nothing authentic anyway. But can you capture it with a digital camera? Well, nothing to stop you trying.

Filters (the real ones, not the Instagram variety) are kind of out of favour at the moment. Everything has to be sharp. Clean. Very...digital. Which means that you can pick them up for next to nothing in most second hand camera stores. Or from pretty much anybody who owned a camera more than 10 years ago.

Same pile of filters...

Same pile of filters...

So, armed with a pile of random filters - tobacco grads, star filters, prismatic filters, fog filters - and not an Amaro, Sierra, Toaster or Hefe in sight - I set about a test with the beautiful Caroline B from Boss and the ever amazing Paula Maxwell from, well, Manchester.



The test was an editorial beauty shoot. Self publish, Be Happy :)

Photography & Styling - Jay Mawson
Hair & Makeup - Paula Maxwell
Model - Caroline B @ Boss Model Management 


Golden Girl

"Self Publish Be Happy"

Just a nice, simple little test with Beth Leader from Industry & Elite. It's all about the glow at the moment, and Paula did an amazing job on working Beth's skin to a beautiful shine...

Photography - Jay Mawson

Styling - Rebecca Lockwood @ Boss

Hair | Makeup - Paula J Maxwell

Model - Beth @ Industry

Shot at Red Door Studios, Manchester

Run Baby Run...

To accompany the previous post 'On Fashion Editorial Submissions' here's a 'self publish be happy' editorial set. It was shot in a few hours in cold studio in Manchester with a quick pull from American Apparel and some beautiful body glisten from Caroline.

Photography | Styling | Retouch - Jay Mawson

Hair | Makeup - Caroline Shuttleworth

Model - Ksenija Selivanova @ Industry People (or visit heelsandbuns here)

Best Camera Ever?

…or cynical title to encourage click throughs?

I'm not particularly into gear. I need it, I buy it, it gets serviced, it reaches the end of its natural life, I buy something else. Repeat. But this post is about gear. Probably only of interest to photographers. You have been warned. Just skip to the photos.

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