Iceland Trip Pt 2

There are two places that I’ve visited this year that crept up on me slowly, hit me hard and now have a strangle hold on my heart and my mind. Cape Town was the first, Iceland the second. Neither place grabbed my imagination immediately. My first Iceland post below bears that out…had it been a two day trip I would have enjoyed it, logged it and left it behind. The remainder of the trip was when it became clear you just can’t leave Iceland behind. It’s been six weeks now and I still think about it daily. Nostalgia isn’t healthy. It’s about time I finished this to lay it to rest, if only so I can post about South Africa.

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Lady Diamond in the Sky - Manchester Fashion Photography

There are a few things I really really need to do...

  1. Update my site...a years worth of great images to select from since I last had chance
  2. Blog more...editorials languishing on my hard drive and thoughts burning my brain
  3. Step away from the 70s...

But in the meantime - here's a seventies flecked fashion editorial from a few months back

Photography & Styling - Jay Mawson
Hair & Makeup - Lauren Alice Phelan
Model - Ksenija @ Industry

Golden Girl

"Self Publish Be Happy"

Just a nice, simple little test with Beth Leader from Industry & Elite. It's all about the glow at the moment, and Paula did an amazing job on working Beth's skin to a beautiful shine...

Photography - Jay Mawson

Styling - Rebecca Lockwood @ Boss

Hair | Makeup - Paula J Maxwell

Model - Beth @ Industry

Shot at Red Door Studios, Manchester

Best Camera Ever?

…or cynical title to encourage click throughs?

I'm not particularly into gear. I need it, I buy it, it gets serviced, it reaches the end of its natural life, I buy something else. Repeat. But this post is about gear. Probably only of interest to photographers. You have been warned. Just skip to the photos.

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