Model Agency Tests

There's two types of tests. The one where a model turns up hoping to hell that the photographer/MUA/stylist has some clue and doesn't completely waste their day (or days) with some half-baked 'concept' shoot, and the ones where they turn up with cash in their hands in return for some images that will freshen up their agency page. I haven't had time for the former this year - but love doing the latter.

Yesterday, Colours Agency in Glasgow sent down three not-so-wee laddies and a wee lassie to refresh their books. Manchester - as usual - gave us various shades of grey. These are some of my favourites from the day...big thanks to the models for making it painless, and especially to Jade as it was her first proper test & she did great.

Models: Jak, Jason, Jordan & Jade at Colours

Then, because it had been a fairly quiet day, we took a few frames of one of Colour's other models...more to come of these when I get chance...

Ksenija Selivanova by Jay Mawson

Golden Girl

"Self Publish Be Happy"

Just a nice, simple little test with Beth Leader from Industry & Elite. It's all about the glow at the moment, and Paula did an amazing job on working Beth's skin to a beautiful shine...

Photography - Jay Mawson

Styling - Rebecca Lockwood @ Boss

Hair | Makeup - Paula J Maxwell

Model - Beth @ Industry

Shot at Red Door Studios, Manchester

Run Baby Run...

To accompany the previous post 'On Fashion Editorial Submissions' here's a 'self publish be happy' editorial set. It was shot in a few hours in cold studio in Manchester with a quick pull from American Apparel and some beautiful body glisten from Caroline.

Photography | Styling | Retouch - Jay Mawson

Hair | Makeup - Caroline Shuttleworth

Model - Ksenija Selivanova @ Industry People (or visit heelsandbuns here)

On Fashion Editorial Submissions

It feels like I can't do a simple test today without somebody involved asking where it's going to be submitted. Or "Can we submit?". Or stating "I only test if it's for submission".

Yeah. We'll submit to 125. Or Purple. Maybe Vogue. Love. Wonderland. They're doing a feature on local designers shot in provincial towns this month. Perfect.

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Back to Front (NSFW)

It was Mark Twain who said (or didn't say, depending on which internet source Google takes you to) "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated" - but, for the moment, Front magazine's current issue is sadly their last. After 16 years and 191 issues the alternative lads mag has ceased to be. It's not the first lad's mag to hit hard times recently. The original lad's mag - Loaded - has gone through two resurrections in the last year. Front itself has had six different owners/publishers over its lifetime. It may yet rise again. But probably not.

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Redken Symposium 2014

I recently had backstage access to Lisa Shepherd's team at the Redken Symposium 2014 at Olympia. It's a while since I've shot a show - or even been near one of that scale - so took the opportunity to grab some candid shots of Lisa and her team of stylists, colourists, makeup artists and models...

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